Answer 1Confrontation is the result of conflicts which arise

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Answer 1Confrontation is the result of conflicts which arise due to disagreements and disputes between two parties which has consequences that has severe effects for parties involved in the form of breaking relations and occurrence of losses. In order to avoid these consequences it is necessary to adopt different strategies related in terms of negotiation. Let’s discuss the important strategies that have a positive impact on negotiation process.1. Avoiding emotional provoking: Negotiations involve one others trust which demands legitimacy. People tend to express anger, unhappiness, disappointment due to discussions in the form of confrontation. One has a chance of acquiring the information related to the opposite party, with an intention of showing power, by provoking in order to bring responses which are emotional in nature. These are the factors which cause confrontation.2. Importance of strategies: People who are who good at negotiation, knows the value of negotiation and have an awareness of consequences often avoid things which result in confrontation. These people believe that these issues are of no use since they advocate outcomes favoring one party rather than resulting in win-win situation. So it is significant that opportunities are to be created that has values which are capable of resolving the disputes. Trust and confidence on the other person can be built by successful negotiations which cause no differences among the parties (Pellow, 2010).3. Importance of time: Difference in time is difference in perceptions. There is a right time to resolve the disputes. Frequent meetings facilitate dispute resolution which helps to maintain proper relation with the other party. There are situations where one feels guilty because of not acting according to the situation. So it is important to understand the importance of timing and make use of it accordingly (Shonk, 2019).Reference:Pellow, D. N. (2010). Negotiation and Confrontation: Environmental Policymaking Through Consensus. Retrieved from,, K. (2019). 3 Negotiation Strategies for Conflict Resolution. Retrieved from,—————————————————————————————————————————————-Answer 2ConfrontationThe vast majority of the managers and proprietors of a business hesitate to confront employees who are not acting appropriately in the working environment because of fear of conflict. To overcome this fear, one needs to quit having acknowledged discussions in their mind considering what sort of outcomes they are going to experience (Conflict & Confrontation in Management, n.d.). During such conditions, a few directors attempt to envision questions and reactions, where as some fall into the trap of making the confrontation personal before it even happens. Rather, progressively experienced experts consider this circumstance as ordinary and limit their psychological aerobatic exhibition to the essentials and to the standard answers. This procedure helps in two different ways. Firstly, it constrains the discussion to the business viewpoints and not the individual ones. Secondly, it mitigates any issues with the HR office as the discussion is constrained to the appropriate topic. The initial interaction between the employer and the employee in a confrontational situation is key step to deal with the confrontation.NegotiationNegotiation is defined as a process by which compromise or agreement is reached while avoiding argument and dispute. Negotiations focuses on mutual agreement by giving benefits or advantages to both the parties involved in the issue whereas, confrontation focuses only on one side of the issue. When negotiation pursues confrontation, it can be based only on finding shared conviction. What does not turn out obviously in the present phase of confrontation is that, the shared conviction is conceivably immense, a typical enthusiasm for the settlement of their disparities that transcends above their opposed interests (Confrontation and Negotiation, 1982). It is in the extraordinary idea of this basic intrigue that all expectation lies.ReferencesConflict & Confrontation in Management. (n.d.). Retrieved from…Confrontation and Negotiation. (1982, May 26). Retrieved from…

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