U.S. Constitution: Is It Relevant?

Much has been written and said of the founders. When growing up, they were revered. When I grew up, they
were maligned (motivated by their own economic self-interest). I believe the may same apply to you. In my
opinion, they deserve to be revered. They had differing motives for sure and they were all men of wealth – yes
men. I despise the political correctness of our time – it distorts history and the relevance of historical figures. It
twists things to fit today’s expectations and agendas. We somehow expect them to defy what was the reality of
more than two centuries ago. We tolerated slavery then, women had no real status in political society, the poor
were irrelevant (you had to be white, male, 21 years old and own property to vote back then). But they
challenged the most powerful empire on the planet, and eventually won their independence. They brought forth
powerful ideas and beliefs – and placed their faith in popular sovereignty and republican government. We
began as a flawed or imperfect system – and still are today, BUT we are amazingly better than most. We have
accomplished so much within the confines of this remarkable document. If so motivated, not only read it, but
believe in it and protect and defend it against the myriad of attacks and erosions it has been subjected to.
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What do you think about the U.S. Constitution?
Is it still relevant today?
Is there anything that should be changed?
In your view, why is there such widespread ignorance about this document within our own society?
What does the future hold regarding our republic?



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