Operations and Supply Chain- Business Functions Interactions

This is Operations and Supply Chain paper based on Business Functions Interactions. It entails issues one would like to address using analytical tools.

Operations and Supply Chain- Business Functions Interactions

One of the learning outcomes is to understand the role of operations and supply chain in an organization and its interactions with business functions such as accounting, finance, and marketing. For this assignment, you shall conduct an oral or written interview with a professional to investigate how operations and supply chain activities affect his/her responsibilities in the organization. The topics must be related to the materials/chapters covered in BA360.

You develop FIVE interview questions from the knowledge learned in this class. In addition, the questions shall be customized to fit the interviewee’s position and experience. Below are some sample questions:

How do you do the sales forecast? also what kind of data would you consider for sales forecasts?
What kind of OSCM people that you interact with within your company or outside of your company?
What are the customer benefit packages (i.e. tangible and intangible products/services; core and peripheral)?
How do you determine whom and where to source materials and services? What risks do you face?
Are you interested in using analytics to determine inventory policy? What issues would you like to address using analytical tools?
Are you interested in using technologies to automate some processes? Then what benefits would you like the automation to bring?
How have you or your company been affected by the disrupted supply chains during the pandemic?

Operations and Supply Chain- Business Functions Interactions

Are there inefficient processes that negatively affect your performance?
How do you ensure quality in service/product provided or procured?
Grading criteria

(10%) Format requirements

1000 words with a font size of 12 and single spacing
Use the essay template provided BA 360 Writing Assignment Template Fall 2020.docx
Save your report in Word or PDF file, using only your RedID as the file name (e.g. 878610737.docx; do not add any other things to the name) and upload the file to Bb by the deadline. (One submission chance only, no substitution.)
To submit the assignment file, click on the assignment title and a new screen will open. Click on “Browse My Computer” to select the file from your computer. You will see the file listed under Attached Files. Then click on “Submit”. You don’t need to add comments.

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