Organizational Behavior & Effectiveness

1. Define the terms learning, reinforcement, punishment, and extinction.
2. What are positive and negative consequences in shaping behavior? How should
they be managed?
3. Explain the value of extinction as a strategy.
4. How can task-specific self-efficacy be enhanced?
5. Describe the differences in the way introverted and extraverted and intuitive and
sensing people learn. (Discuss each one separately)
6. What are the five characteristics of well-developed goals? Why is feedback on
goal progress important?
7. What are the purposes of conducting performance appraisals? What are the
benefits of 360-degree feedback?
8. How can managers and supervisors best provide useful performance feedback?
9. What are the two possible attributions of poor performance and what are the
implications of each? (Discuss each one separately)

Reference no: EM132069492


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