Reading reflection & Development Analysis on Sociocultural & Systems.

Reading reflection & Development Analysis on Sociocultural & Systems.
The reading reflection(1 page) should include the following two components:
A summary of the five “big ideas” from the readings (i.e., if you were to summarize the most important points to a friend or colleague, how would you distill the readings?). Effort should be made to synthesize ideas across readings.
Three questions for discussion. One question can be content-oriented (i.e., a question for clarification about what was read). At least two questions should be directed toward deepening dialogue among peers about the reading.
A successful self-analysis paper(3 pages) includes description of your developmental processes as well as the theorized mechanisms that have resulted in developmental change.
Each self-analysis paper should include a discussion of your own developmental history from the perspective of the assigned theory. In each analysis, be sure to include the following: a) discussion of developmental processes (mechanisms) that have culminated in your current attributes, perceptions, or behaviors in a domain of development, b) analysis of your own development using theory-specific language and concepts, and c) normative and/or non-normative autobiographical details to support theory-based conclusions. Given that these papers are brief, be sure to emphasize quality (depth) of insight rather than quantity (breadth) of information. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a particular domain of development as the focus of each self-analysis paper (for example, you may focus on the development of a particular skill, behavior, personality trait, or interpersonal style). Your analysis should demonstrate a) understanding of the given theory, including applying the language of the theory accurately, b) insightful thinking about your own developmental history, and c) thoughtful reflection about the impact of past experiences on current and future biopsychosocial functioning. Instead of quoting text material, paraphrase, synthesize, and apply theoretical concepts. Given the short length of the paper, do not define concepts; instead, apply them directly and correctly to your own developmental history. A successful self-analysis paper must include description and explanation of developmental change, although you may choose to discuss developmental change that has occurred over a relatively short period of time or over a relatively long period of time.
Miller, Chapter 4 (pp. 153-210)
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