Using course lectures, the text of Casina and the game play from Saeculum

Using course lectures, the text of Casina and the game play from Saeculum, address the essay topic below.  Your essay should be 3-4 pages in length, with 12pt type and 1.5 spacing.  Make sure to include an introductory paragraph that outlines the structure and central points you will make in your paper–and make sure to read through comments on essays 1-2, and avoid errors (especially in grammar, spelling, and organization) that were noted in those comments.  This long essay is due Friday, October 23, 11:59PM. 

First, compare Flaminia (Quintus wife) in Arc 1 to Cleostrata in Casina.  Does each have a generally cooperative relationship with their respective husbands, or is it more contested and hostile?  If it is the latter, how does each (Flaminia and Cleostrata) take action against the will of their husbands?  Ultimately, who wins in each of these marriages, the husband or the wife? How does this challenge the notion of patria potestas?

Second, extend this comparison to Claudia in Arc 2.  How does Claudia take an active role (especially politically) with respect to her husband Marcus?  In taking this action, does she advance or hinder Marcus interests and goals?  Briefly define the Penetration Model, and evaluate how accurately this model applies to Claudia, both in terms of political and sexual activity.

Finally, consider how the Penetration Model is either confirmed or challenged in Casina, specifically with respect to the characters of Olympio, Lysidamas, Pardalisca, and Chalinus.  NOTE: Make sure to review the lecture on the Roman family and sexuality)!

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