Implementation Analysis: People

This assignment is intended to help you learn to do the following:
1.Analyze an administrative scenario from multiple ethical principles and perspectives.
2.Examine the ethical and legal responsibilities of public administration professionals including the concept of
the public interest as a guide for decision-making.
3.Make recommendations regarding an administrative situation involving human resources issues.
Effective management of workforce diversity remains a growing managerial challenge. Technology demands a
significant amount of any manager’s budget. Therefore, a manager must be able to set priorities and balance
the costs and benefits of the technology.
This assignment requires you to move beyond the decision-making phase (see Policy Decision Simulation) and
into the implementation phase. Your required reading has provided excellent foundational information for you.
The Franklintown City Council ultimately voted to expend bus service to address the congestion problem in
Franklintown, but left many implementation issues unaddressed. The Council has asked the City Manager to
examine these issues and then propose an implementation plan for approval.
The City Manager is strongly leaning toward providing the expanded bus service using the existing Transit
Agency. However, he knows that the city and Transit Agency particularly are facing strong criticism from local
interest groups for the lack of diversity among Transit Agency personnel, particularly bus drivers.
Action Items:
Write a one-page memo for the City Manager the briefly explains why it is important to have diverse personnel
in the Transit Agency – this will be the basis for a public statement intended to demonstrate the City’s
commitment to diversity.
The memo should briefly explain each step in HR process:
-Getting the Right People or Planning and Acquisition
-Maximizing Performance or Development
-Maintaining an Effective Work or Retention and Rewards/Sanctions)
The memo should also describe at least one step the Transit Agency will take in each part of the HR process to
increase the diversity in the Transit Authority work force.

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