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There exists a small company in Melbourne called The Coaching Specialists that brokers for private tutors and coaches to meet the specialised needs of clients to develop certain skills. Clients contact the company with a request for a personal tutor or coach to develop some particular skill or ability. The company engages a suitable tutor or coach on behalf of the client and handles all the accounting of the relationship for a fee. This is called an assignment. ������� �� ����� ��� ��� ��
The assignment process starts when an operator receives a communication from a potential client by phone, letter or email, requesting some coaching. The operator creates an assignment which begins the process. The operator requests client personal information such as name, address and contact details, the area or areas in which coaching is required by the client, plus information about the client’s availabilityfard reasons why they require a coach. The operator will check if the client has utilized the company previously, in which case much of this information will already be held, but will still need to be confirmed. When the information is complete, the operator submits the request. �� ����� ���� ��� ��
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��� If the ��� �recommended coach is not available at the same time as the client, the scheduler passes the assignment back to the coaching specialist to find another coach. If the coaching specialisi cannot find a suitable match, the assignment is cancelled, and the client is notified. Otherwise they pass a new recommendation onto the scheduler, and so on.
Coaches have a variety of commitments at any one time, so the scheduler contacts the coach to arrange the most appropriate time. The scheduler will then contact the client to confirm the assignment, the scheduled time and costs. Sometimes when the client is contacted, they may decide to cancel the coaching rather than go ahead. ��
It is the role of the verifier to ��� contact the coach and client shortly before coaching is scheduled to begin as a reminder and confirmation of the assignment. Once the coach and client both confirm the assignment, the coaching sessions proceed. Sometime after that, the assignment is passed on to the bookkeeper who sends an invoice to the client. If the client fails to confirm, the assignment is cancelled, and the coach/tutor is contacted about the cancellation. If the coach fails to confirm, the company will contact the client and offer to find a new time with the same coach, find a new coach or allow them to cancel the coaching. In the meantime, the coach sends an invoice to the company bookkeeper. The bookkeeper must have both the customer’s paymentfard the coach’s invoice before the coach can be paid. ��� ��� ���� ��� ��� �� ��
�g��� after all the coaching sessions have been completed, Madeleine, the client relations officer, follows up with the client and the coach to determine how satisfied the client and coach or tutor are with the coaching assignment. Madeleine compiles a report once questionnaires from both coach and client have been received.
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