Mathematics Discussion Questions Assignment

Mathematics Discussion Questions Assignment


Must BE 75-100 WORDS!

PART A: Algebra is a subject that was not created by one person. While al-Khwarizmi is credited as inventing algebra, many mathematicians such as Diophantus, Brahmagupta, and Rene Descartes also participated in advancing algebra.

For your discussion this week research the history of algebra. After you have researched and read multiple sources, summarize in your discussion post what you have learned. Reflect on what you learned by talking about what you found interesting and how it may have changed your perspective on algebra. References to a minimum of 2 sources are required.


PART B: This week you are introduced to the set of complex numbers and imaginary numbers. As you saw in week one, we have many different categories for numbers, and the study of these sets is called Set Theory.

For your discussion this week, choose a number system, set of numbers, or set of numerals to research. Look specifically for facts about their history. After you have researched and read multiple (at least 2) sources,write a discussion post with 2 paragraphs totaling 150 words.

1. In the first paragraph, summarize and teach us what you learned. Include specific historical facts such as dates, people, and cultures involved.

2. In your second paragraph, reflect on what you learned. Tell us what you found interesting and how it may have changed your perspective on numbers. Share any other thoughts you may have after doing your research. References to a minimum of 2 sources are required. List the URLs at the bottom of your discussion post. These don’t count towards the 150-

3. word count.


PART C: Gerrymandering

In 1812, Massachusetts Governor Elbridge Gerry had passed into law newly drawn Congressional districts to favor his party (the Democratic-Republican Party). Critics charged that the one particular district looked like a salamander leading the Boston Gazette was first to use the word “Gerry-mander,” which was a combination of the Governor’s last name and the amphibian creature. Ever since, the drawing of congressional and state legislative districts has been an important tool used by both political parties.

Consistent with the 14th Amendment, every ten years after the decennial census (decennial is a fancy word meaning every ten years), the state legislatures redraw both state legislative and congressional districts. Just as Governor Gerry and the Democratic-Republicans did in 1812, today, both Democratic and Republican partisans use reapportionment (the process of drawing new districts) to create state legislative and congressional districts to the advantage of their respective parties.

Please answer the following for you Week 2 Discussion intitial post:

· Is it possible to create a “neutral,” “fair,” or “equal” system for drawing legislative districts? What would be “fair”? What would be or “equal”? What would be “neutral”? How would “neutral,” “fair,” or “equal” be objectively defined and measured?

· Could Gerrymandering actually be a good thing?

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