assess client development to identify and respond to any issues.

You work at CareShore as a Case Manager. As part of your role, you are required to assess client development to identify and respond to any issues.
Today, you are meeting with Casey, a 15-year-old female who was referred to you after being caught shoplifting. This was not Casey’s first offence. She has a history of offences relating to underage drinking, damage and theft.
When Casey arrives, you immediately notice that she is thin and looks withdrawn. Her skin is pale. She is dressed in an over-sized jumper and jeans. Her hair is long and does not look like it has been brushed.
When questioned, Casey tells you that she stole some jewellery and sunglasses as a birthday present for herself. She states that her family had not given her anything, so she felt upset.
Casey lives with her mother and stepfather. She also has two younger half-siblings that live with her. These children are the offspring of her mother and step-father. Casey does not have any contact with her biological father. Casey does have an older sibling who shares the same paternity as her, however this sibling is currently incarcerated for drug related offences.
The family is reliant on Centrelink payments for support and both Casey’s mother and stepfather suffer from depression.
During Casey’s early years, the family moved around frequently. Her biological father left when she was 3 months old and has not had contact with Casey since. Due to her mother’s depression, Casey and her older sibling were raised by their maternal grandmother from the time Casey was 6 months old until aged 2.
Casey says she goes out most nights as she doesn’t like being at home. She says that her step-father drinks a lot and she prefers to keep out of his way. Casey usually stays at her friend’s houses until it gets late and her mother and step-father are likely to be asleep. Some nights, Casey has slept in her friend’s shed, using her coat as a blanket.
Casey said that she feels tired and cold most of the time. She also coughs frequently. When asked, she says she hasn’t seen a doctor. The family has moved several times and has not had a regular GP.
Casey is still attending school, but her attendance has been irregular. Casey was attending a youth centre, but has not attended for the last 6 months. She said that she couldn’t afford to pay for the bus trip to get to the appointment so it was too hard to go. She said the youth centre had offered to reimburse her for travel costs, but said that was ‘useless as I couldn’t pay for it in the first place anyway’.
Casey’s mother and step-father state that they are fed up with Casey’s behaviour and the trouble that she causes.

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