Planning, Drafting, and Revising – My Assignment Tutor

9:08li urcourses.uregina.caIntroduction N■lt Read• Part 1: Planning, Drafting, and Revising in The Brief Penguin Handbook o Chapter 2 – Plan and Draft 0 Chapter 3 — Shape your Paragraphs 0 Chapter 4 — Rewrite, Edit, and ProofreadFor most, if not all, university classes, your professor will provide you with a course outline containing information relevant … Read more

locate specific themes – My Assignment Tutor

9:08urcourses.uregina.caQ * oP.’ 0-One of the strategies I use to not only locate specific themes associated to my topic, but help me develop a research paper outline involves the use of colored sticky notes. Let’s just say I am thinking about writing a paper on the topic of domestic violence and conduct library search to … Read more

NSB104: Leading and Learning – My Assignment Tutor

NSB104: Leading and LearningThis document contains:• Essential assessmentinformation and detailedinstructions for completingthe task.• Links to resources toassist you complete thetask.• The Criterion ReferenceAssessment (CRA) Rubricthat will be used to gradeyour work.NSB104Leading and LearningAssessment Task 2NSB104: Leading and LearningNSB202Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander PeopleAssesPeoplAsses’ Well-beingsment Task 1es’ Well-beingsment Task 1NSB202 Aboriginal & Torres Strait IslanderAssessment Task … Read more

Application Assignment – My Assignment Tutor

Current Event Application AssignmentAPPLICATION ASSIGNMENT (Current Event)**Pay attention to the Current Event Grading Rubric found in the Resources folder in GettingStarted section.**This application assignment requires you to share a business related article from the past 6months that describes your view of our assigned course topic(s) for the week. In other words,your view may explain the … Read more

Corporate-Level Strategies – My Assignment Tutor

Strategic Management: Theory andPracticeCorporate-Level StrategiesContributors: By: John A. ParnellBook Title: Strategic Management: Theory and PracticeChapter Title: “Corporate-Level Strategies”Pub. Date: 2014Access Date: March 7, 2018Publishing Company: SAGE Publications, LtdCity: 55 City RoadPrint ISBN: 9781452234984Online ISBN: 9781506374598DOI: pages: 150-181©2014 SAGE Publications, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.This PDF has been generated from SAGE Knowledge. Please note that the … Read more – My Assignment Tutor • Find out what topics or issues your family and/or friends find interesting. • Choose a topic from the list provided by your professor. • Brainstorm by writing down anything that comes to mind as you think about a topic.For this class, I have provided you with a list of general topics. You are … Read more

Research Paper Planing – My Assignment Tutor It, .-Planning Your Research Paper Planing your Research paperChoosing a topic Sometimes choosing a topic proves to be a difficult task for some students. In some cases, your professor will supply you with specific topics you are required to write about. In other cases, professors will provide you with some general topics and expect … Read more

WW1 due dates and instructions – My Assignment Tutor

9:08urcourses.uregina.caV * –e content, asslyturierits along WW1 due dates and instructions. If you are at all unsure about how to complete your assignments, make sure to ask your professor to clarify the instructions before you proceed. Among a variety of other assignments you need to complete for this course, you will be required to plan, … Read more

concepts learned in class – My Assignment Tutor•Assignment A case analysis is a written report that measures your ability to synthesize and apply the concepts learned in class in a well-written and concise document.The case analysis is a formal writing assignment, so you will be assessed on your ability to communicate your points in an accurate, succinct, and logical manner, using full … Read more


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