Business Administration

Guidelines for Assignement
Use Arial 11pt, single spacing.
• Write your responses in ESSAY AND PARAGRAPH FORMAT. Avoid bullet-type responses.
• Appendices may be a maximum of three pages each, with the information in them relevant to the assignment and summarised. Provide relevant links referenced in your appendices so that your assessor can evaluate them.
• Respect the introduction, body, and conclusion format for answering questions – this counts for marks.

• Plagiarism is a serious offense. Do not copy directly from any text unless absolutely necessary.
Enclose quotes in inverted commas to indicate that they are not your words, and include an in-text
reference with each quote. Paraphrase all the reference comments that you use and include
appropriate reference and page numbers.
• Use the in-text referencing method prescribed by Regenesys under guidelines and policies on
the student portal. Consult the referencing mark allocation guide for the minimum number of
references needed for this assignment.
• Full referencing of all sources, including page numbers in in-text referencing, is essential.
For example: (Gitman, 2010:15) in text, and then in your reference list:
Gitman, L.J. 2010, Principles of Managerial Finance, Cape Town: Pearson Education.
• Extensive and credible academic references are required to demonstrate that you have
researched the topics fully and so that you can substantiate your arguments critically.



• This assignment consists of FOUR questions.
• To score higher marks, you need to apply the knowledge acquired during the course of the module.
• Do not create your own question numbering. Maintain the question numbering as you provide your answers.

1.1 List and briefly explain the four participants who influence the flows of production,
income, and expenditure. (12)

1.2 Draw a graph to show the difference between a change in quantity demanded,
and a change in demand for a good. Explain what you have shown in the graph. (13)

1.3 Briefly evaluate any five main factors that cause changes in supply. In your
evaluation using appropriate examples to clarify your answers. (15)
“The pursuit of a developmental state agenda is thus currently the official policy of the South African
Government.”(Kuye and Ajam, 2012)

2.1 Using this article, briefly assess claims that South Africa is a developmental state:

• Leftwich, A. 1995, ‘Bringing politics back in: towards a model of the
developmental state’, Journal of Development Studies, 31(3), 400-427, (accessed 2 September 2020).

In your brief assessment, consider the six major components that define the
developmental state model discussed in the paper. (18)

2.2 Do you think South Africa is a developmental state? Justify your opinion. Your
opinion should be informed by Leftwich’s six components. (12)

3.1 Explain what is meant by the contraction phase in the business cycle. (2)

3.2 Draw a diagram of the business cycle in which you identify the four phases of the business cycle. Give a short description of each phase. (12)

Describe the relationship between CPI and inflation. Conclude your answer by discussing the causes
of inflation, and how to calculate the inflation rate.


Total Marks: 100

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