Find a (one) scholarly article on corrections (any topic).
Write a 500-word (4-5 paragraph) summary of the article.
Cite the article as you would in an APA references list
Use in-text citations. (Using the author’s (s’) last name(s) and year of publication; e.g., (Smith, 2019).
See the “Course Resources” link for help.
2. Include a cover page and references page.
3. Save as a PDF file (ONLY).
4. Upload a digital copy to MPS Dropbox in Blackboard Learn.
Follow the above “Writing Assignment Protocols.
There should be no opinion or commentary—only summarize what the author(s) said.
For guidance, in Blackboard Learn, go to the Main Menu, click on “COURSE RESOURCES” link; “General
Resources;” then scroll down to “Main Point Summary”.

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