Diversity & Inclusion

Prepare a 5-page paper (Three References) in accordance with the following Assignment Expectations, describing the analysis issues for your project that forms the basis for the Methodology section of your dissertation, in accordance with the following outline:

Identify the major kinds of data that you plan to collect during your project. Discuss the IRB approval process. For each major kind of data, identify steps that you will take to analyze those data for purposes of the project. The readings will help you identify different kinds of data and appropriate analytical procedures associated with each.

Identify the main kinds of conclusions that you hope to draw from your data analysis. These might be descriptive/analytical, prescriptive in the form of recommendations, suggestions in the way of forward-thinking, or some combination of these. For each type of conclusion, identify offices and people within the organization that you believe might be interested in your conclusions, and why they might be interested in.

Identify the main deliverables from your project, and to whom the delivery would be made other than the members of your doctoral committee.

*Please conclude your paper with a paragraph or two assessing the effectiveness of this approach to developing the methodology for your project and any lessons that you have learned during this course about the nature and conduct of academic research in applied settings.

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