Ratio Analysis



Finance 330 Research Project
Parts 1
Select a publicly-traded firm that has bonds as part of its balance sheet, see directions for part 2 on how to
determine this feature of its finances. You will use the same firm for parts 1
• Identify the company by ticker symbol and name
Part 1
You are to assume you have been recently hired by The Company and have been assigned to a team that
reports to the CEO. The head of your team is the CFO who is concerned about THE COMPANY’s current
financial performance and comparison against major competitors in the industry and the impact that may have
on the firm’s stock price. The CFO would like your team to provide insights that will help them to project future
financial performance. Specifically, the primary question to answer is: will THE COMPANY be financially viable
over the next two to three years, and which steps should be done to improve its financial stability?
At this point follow the directions for the project as outlined in: ”Part 1_FINC 330 Project
Descriptions_Research Project Ratio Analysis” of the syllabus




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