Main concerns driving efforts to rebuild European countries


1. After World War II, what were the three main concerns driving efforts to rebuild European countries?

2. Explain James Sheehan’s concept of the “Civilian State.” How did the rise of the civilian state assist in the development of the European Union?

3. Briefly explain how the European Union (Communities) began. Which were the original founding members? Why these countries? Why didn’t other countries participate?

4. What were the first institutions of European integration and what were their purposes? Why did European leaders focus on integration in these areas and not others?

5. Who were some of the principal figures in the founding of the different “communities?” What was their background?

6. What were the possible ways considered by the principal figures to pursue European integration. Which options did they pursue/not pursue, and why?

7. What does it mean to say that the EU is more than an Intergovernmental Organization and less than a Supranational Authority?

8. Consider Neo-Functionalism, Liberal Intergovernmentalism and Federalism. Explain the factors each approach identifies as the main driver of integration.

9. What is Leon Lindberg’s concept of spillover, and how does it apply to the EU?

10. How does Simon Hix challenge the way European integration is understood?


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