Batman Character Study

Batman is often referred to as an emotionless and inhuman character that does not have any significant relationships in his life. On the surface it may seem like that, but in reality Batman does have relationships with people. Examples of these relationships are shown in the graphic novel, Batman Year One, and the movie, The Dark Knight. The first person that Batman has a relationship with is Lieutenant Jim Gordon. Batman and Gordon share a common goal of getting crime off the streets. At the beginning of Batman Year One Gordon believed that Batman was a villain.
Gordon thought that he could not trust Batman. As the story went on Gordon realized that Batman was fighting crime and was a trustworthy person. Gordon knows that he needs Batman’s help to help take down not only criminals, but the corrupt police system in Gotham. And Batman knows he needs someone with values within the corrupt police force to help him fight crime. This relationship carries over into the movie, The Dark Knight. Gordon can now signal Batman whenever he needs assistance, by simply turning a giant spot light used to signal Batman.
Many people do not consider Gordon a friend of Batman’s but Aristotle does not agree with that. They have what is called a friendship of utility, which means both men benefit from the other. Batman needs Gordon, a trustworthy man inside a corrupt police force. Gordon needs Batman, a superhero that can help stop all the crime in Gotham City. Another relationship that Batman has is with his butler, Alfred. When Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed Alfred became the father figure in Bruce’s life. Alfred raised Bruce and made him the man he is today.

Alfred has been there everyday of Bruce’s life. In turn, Alfred is given a house to live in and all the necessary things to live. Alfred is very nurturing and is often there for Bruce with great advice. In The Dark Knight when Batman wanted to quit, Alfred had the right things to say in order to motivate Batman to keep fighting crime. It is clear that Batman and Alfred have a strong relationship. Their relationship is closer than the one that Batman and Jim Gordon share. They seem to have an emotional caring for one another.
The only thing that is keeping them from having a deeper relationship is the fact that Bruce will always be the master and Alfred will always be the servant. The last relationship that Batman has is with Rachel Dawes. Rachel is a childhood friend of Bruce and the love of his life. She is one of the only persons to know Batman’s true identity as Bruce Wayne. In The Dark Knight Batman is often trying to save her. One example is when she is thrown off of the building by the Joker, Batman jumps off to rescue her.
Another example is when both Harvey Dent and Rachel are trapped at different locations and Batman must choose which one he wants to save. Batman chooses to go after Rachel. It is very obvious that Batman has strong feelings for her. Rachel and Bruce were once together but Bruce’s job as Batman got in the way. Rachel is now dating Gotham’s District Attorney, Harvey Dent. This hurts Batman because he can’t stand to see the love of his life with someone else. Batman shows the most emotion toward Rachel, and this makes him a very human character.
In conclusion, Batman is a very human character with strong relationships. This is clearly shown through his relationships with Jim Gordon, Alfred, and Rachel Dawes. At a glimpse, it seems as though Batman is inhuman. But once you dig deeper you find he has many relationships and cares for many people. Many people say that Batman has no strong, deep relationships. This is not true. Batman’s strongest relationship is with the city he protects. Batman made a promise to his parents. He promised he would make Gotham a better place. Protecting and cleaning up Gotham gives Batman the utmost fulfillment.


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