Instructions: Expository Essay Prewriting

Develop a 1-2-page thesis statement, introduction paragraph, outline, and conclusion paragraph as part of the prewriting process for an expository essay on how to write an academic essay. Include a list of APA-formatted resources.
Writers typically use expository essays to explain, describe, or provide information to the reader. One may assume the reader of an expository essay has no prior knowledge about the essay topic, so clarity in writing is important. Newspaper and magazine writers use expository writing every day, as well as business writers who use business reports or memos to keep stakeholders informed about things taking place in the organization.
Using prewriting strategies to develop an expository essay will help you plan your writing, organize your thoughts, develop sound reasoning, and present information clearly to your readers.
Note: The assessments in this course build on each other and must be taken in sequence. This assessment is paired with Assessment 3. You must complete this assessment and receive feedback before you complete and submit Assessment 3.
Demonstration of Proficiency
By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the course competencies through the following assessment scoring guide criteria:

Competency 2: Apply information and use literacy skills to produce evidence-based written work. 

Apply research skills to locate scholarly resources relevant to an essay topic.

Competency 3: Apply prewriting, planning, drafting, and revision skills. 

Apply accepted conventions of outlining an essay, including main points and subpoints.

The topic for this assessment is how to write an academic essay. Learning how to communicate your ideas effectively is essential for success in your degree program.
For this assessment, imagine you have volunteered at a local community college to tutor new students. The biggest challenge these students have is writing academically. How would you go about explaining the writing process?
For this assessment (which is paired with Assessment 3), develop an outline for the essay you will write in Assessment 3. Use the following headers to guide your outline development:
Brainstorming (How to pick a topic)

What resources can you find to support your position? Be sure you list resources in APA format.
What questions should you ask in order to determine if a topic is suitable?
Evaluating the Context of the Essay

What things do you need to know about the target audience before you begin to write?
What resources can you find to support your position? Be sure you list resources in APA format.
Developing a Thesis Statement

How do you develop a good thesis statement?
What are the characteristics of a good thesis statement?
Why is a thesis statement important?
What resources can you find to support your position? Be sure you list resources in APA format.
Developing an Introduction, Outline, and Conclusion

How can you turn your thesis statement into an introduction?
How do you develop an outline?
What is the connection between the introduction and the conclusion?
What resources can you find to support your position? List resources in APA format.
Listing References

What should you include in a list of references?
How should you format references?
Additional Requirements

Style and Format: Use current APA style for references. Include a title page and references page.
Length: Compose 1–2 pages in addition to the title page and references page
Resources: Cite a minimum of two resources.
Font: Use Times New Roman, 12 point.


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