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Discuss your own philosophy of aging.

When do you think a person becomes elderly?
What do you think of older people?
Are they active, senile, debilitated, etc.?
Provide a description of an elderly person that you know.

Peer 1

My own philosophy of aging is probably very different from the generations before me. But one thing is for sure, the general concept of aging is changing for the better. The thought process and perception behind the elderly varies from person to person, from cultures and religions and from different societal platforms. It used to be that people focused on numbers a lot. The more that age number would creep up, the more elderly you were considered. But I feel like this has changed completely as technology continues to advance, medicine continues to improve, more health awareness is spread across communities and life expectancy of human beings continues to increase. Modern medicine and technology has improved the lifestyles of people worldwide. Not just with healthcare treatments, but also by promoting and making healthier lifestyles more accessible. People are more educated in the importance of exercise, healthy well rounded diets, being proactive with their health, yearly check ups and tests, etc. Manufacturing of better medications along with better treatments for chronic diseases also contribute to the general population living longer and healthier lives. It’s like they say, 60 is the new 40. For all these reasons elderly people nowadays look younger, feel healthier, live more independent lives and are overall healthier than those of their same age some generations ago. Culture and geographical location are factors that impact this idea quite a bit. In some areas of the world healthcare is not as advanced, healthy nutrition is not as accessible and people live overall difficult lives under harsh conditions. Obviously, these individuals will not age as gracefully as those in better regions of the world. I think the elderly population that I am exposed to where I live are healthy, pleasant, independent, and happy for the most part. Yes you have some that are senile or suffer from dementia and other chronic conditions, but for the most part they are able to live normal lives regardless of their age. I know an elderly woman in her 70’s who is very active, lives at home independently with her husband, volunteers at the community hospital, has an extensive social life and is simply vibrant and full of youthful energy. From doing yoga to riding her bike or playing tennis, she is constantly active and is always looking forward to her dinners and social events. She has adapted a vegan lifestyle over the years and it seems to be working wonders for her. She is quite the inspiration to all those around her. 

Peer 2
Knowing that aging is an inevitable process, most still refuse to accept it. Some people believe that with aging comes debilitating illnesses, such as Alzheimer, increase risk for cancers, and what people fear the most in this country, wrinkles. When I think of a person becoming elderly, I think of what society has been taught to think and how wrong some views are. Yes, the older one becomes, the more the chances of becoming ill may increase however I view aging as a passage. With each wrinkle, each signifies our journey and our experience throughout life. In my culture, the more your age goes up, the more serious one must become. Whenever one makes a joke or does something which may be viewed as “immature”, then older adults believe they always have to say, “stop being immature”, or “you’re too old for that, stop being childish” as if only children make jokes. I believe a person becomes older as the years pass which will make everyone elderly and if maturity level or experience are factored in, there are many children that have endured and are far more mature than what most people have faced in their lifetime, so if one ages, one is an elder already.
I believe older people are poorly taken care of and people see them as a reminder that one day, they will age and look the same too. If one takes care of themselves from the start, then aging would not be such as hassle. The cardiovascular system, digestive system, urinary system, all go through changes, but there are ways to remain healthy such as, a healthy diet, having a great circadian rhythm, and participating in activities to remain mentally and physically active (Aging: What To Expect, 2018). Aging does not tie with being senile or debilitated since there are many people of all ages, even in their 90’s such as yoga master Kazim Gurbuz, who are physically active and in great shape; another example is the 102-year-old cyclist Robert Marchand. Most “elders” I know have the mentality of being too old to do anything, and to me, people like the yoga instructor Bette Calman, who at age 83 can do a peacock pose which most people cannot do a push-up, are true inspirations.
Aging: What to expect. (2018, November 21). Mayo Clinic.


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