Start one new discussion according to the reading and respond to three existing discussions

1. Does Counterfactuals have practical value?
Counterfactuals is a very interesting way of thinking. It can motivate people to look at issues from different angles. But I want to know if anything in our lives was created through counterfactuals?

2. Can all imagination become reality?What are the external reasons for imagination to become reality?
If imagination want become reality, it must follows the level of present technology, and if the imagination is too ridiculous, that will can not come true. The external reason for imagination to become reality is economy, technology, culture, policy, and the evolution level of humans.

3. The relationship between imagination and actual world
As mentioned in this reading,  “our actual world is surrounded by an infinity of other possible worlds“, and some ideas of creating fictional worlds may become reality in the future. Do you agree that how things are now in actual world may also influence our imagination? If they do, what kind of role does this influence play in imagination?  As “limitation” or “inspiration” ?


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