IT concepts

Understanding basic network terminology and the rationale for specific network configurations is a key skill for succeeding in the information technology field. In this activity, you will demonstrate your understanding of both network terminology and systems mapping to create a home network diagram and define common networking terms.
To demonstrate your understanding of these concepts, address the following:
1. Define the following IT concepts, and describe their role and importance within a network:
1. IP address and DNS
2. Server and client
3. VPN
4. Firewalls
5. LANs and WANs
2. Choose one of the following scenarios and create a network configuration diagram in Microsoft Visio using either the Basic Network Diagram or Detailed Network Diagram symbol sets:
1. Justin Altuve operates a small photography business out of his home. He connects to the internet through a cable modem connected to a wireless router. For information security, he uses a firewall. On his network, he has a desktop PC, a laptop, an IP phone, and a printer. He uses a digital camera that he regularly syncs with his laptop.
2. Georgia Springer runs a small accounting firm with two partners and a secretary. Each employee has a personal workstation. Client information is stored on a central server shared between all workstations in the office. There is a single networked device that functions as a copier, printer, fax machine, and scanner. The office’s network has a firewall and connects to the internet through a cable modem.
3. Compose a brief 100- to 200-word summary of the network configuration you modeled in Visio, including a description of the network configurations you would recommend. In your summary, use the vocabulary discussed in the first part of this assignment and describe how these components work together within the context of a network.

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