Management insight


Steffan works at Beefy Burgers, a local chain that makes diner style burgers and shakes. At his last job, Steffan was a shift manager for a sit-down restaurant and made good money, more than he makes now. However, the last restaurant went out of business even though it was quite popular. There were supply chain problems that the owners never seemed to be able to get worked out even though Steffan had given them insight and advice to fix the problem.

Now Steffan is working as a line cook, a job that doesn’t utilize all of his skills, but one he is still very good at. The boss at Beefy Burgers doesn’t seem very interested in being involved in the operations of the business and spends most his time in the back office. Steffan has expressed ideas about how to do something’s differently to make the restaurant run better and bring up morale of the employees. The boss told Steffan he just needs to cook the food and get his work done and not worry about things above his paygrade.


Describe how affect, behavior, and cognition are likely to shape Steffan’s attitude toward his current situation. Then talk about what can be done by the business and by Steffan to change the attitude.

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