Project Management



Project 1

You are a homeowner and have a project that you want accomplished in the next month. Today is Wednesday, the 26th of August. You have guests arriving on Friday the 25th of Sept. You must have the project completed by then. You work full time during the day, that gives you 4 weekends to accomplish the task.

You want to stain and seal a total of 4 concrete pads: 3 concrete pads (6’ X 8’ each) around your 3 sets of wood stairs to your wrap around wood porch, as well as a larger concrete pad (8’ X 15’), also with wood stairs, that you use for storage but someday you will install a spa on the pad.

Put together a Project Plan for the Project. (see Chapter 4, 5 & 6)

1)Define the Project Scope.
2)Establish the Project Priorities.
3)Create the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
4)Create a Project Communication Plan (will be minimal for this project).
5)Draft Project Plan, including schedule and resource requirements. A MS Project Gantt Chart is required. All MSU UIT computers have MS project loaded on them. You will need to schedule time to input the information into MS Project. (NOTE: site has MS project videos and tutorials to help you with this part of the project).
6)Complete the Project Scope, Project Priorities, WBS, Communication Plan and Draft Project Plan complete by 9 Sept. Turn in to Assignments Project 1 in D2L.
7)Project closeout report including planned vs. actual results, and opportunities for improvements in future projects will be completed later. (Note: you will have to make up a scenario that occurred as this is not a project that you actually did. Document the “actual” work so I can refer to it in the report.) Hand in to D2L in Assignments Project 1, due Wed. midnight, Sept. 23.
Boundary Conditions:

1)You and your significant other have agreed to budget $500 to do this project.
2)You do NOT own a pressure washer.
3)You do not currently own any equipment for delivering paint or liquids.
4)You have some local college students that help you out from time to time for $15/hr. They are usually available on weekends but do have exams, etc. that compromise their availability.
5)Your significant other doesn’t like to, nor does help, on these type of projects.
6)You can shop for materials during the evenings of the week, but you are only able to work on the weekends. Because of a history of back issues you can only work 8 hours in any one 24 hour period.
I will give you some input on the 10th of September. It will have an impact on your project. You will make note of the impacts in your closeout report.

Reference material for concrete cleaning, staining, and sealing.

DIY Pete (this guy is from Bozeman!): is the do it yourself main website. Go down a bit to find the videos on cleaning, stain and sealing the concrete slab.

Rough sketch of house outline and location of 4 concrete pads.




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