Explain the difference between ‘effort’ and ‘elapsed time’.

Question 1 (250 words) 2 a) Explain the difference between ‘effort’ and ‘elapsed time’. What is the significance of this difference for project planning purposes? 2 b) In longer-term project planning, it is wise to assume that staff will be available for project work for less than 100% of the total available time. What factors will reduce staff availability and what adjustments should be made for them? 2 Question 2 (250 words) 3 a) Describe, with examples, what human factors affecting estimating are, and also describe how these factors can affect estimations. 3 b) Outline strategies that can be used to overcome these issues. 4 Question 3 (300 words) 4 Outline three methods one can do to monitor quality 4 Clarify Vision, Mission, and Values 4 Identify Critical Success Factors (CSF) 4 Develop Measures and Metrics to Track Data 5 Question 4 (250 words) 5 Outline the phases of developing a strategy 5 Investigation of situation: 5 Develop some alternative courses of action: 5 Evaluation of decisions: 6 Decision making: 6 Implementation of decision: 6 Question 5 (250 words) 6 a) Why is reporting fundamental for project management and when should the reporting requirements be established? 6

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