Explain the work break down structure and Gantt Chart for the project

Course: Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Assignment 3: Implementation of an Event Project


Task Description

Students are required to develop and implement a management report for their event concept from start to finish.  Management Report consisting of Project scope document, Stakeholder management Plan, Marketing, Logistics, Work breakdown structure, Project budgeting and Risk management plan.


Task Length

Management Report: 3000 words excluding Executive Summary, appendices and references.


Task Requirements

Students should use the concept design from assessment #2( I will give you my assessment2) and finish of their report for Implementation of an Event Project. The report must include the following knowledge areas:


1)         Project Scope Document

2)         Stakeholder management plan

3)         Marketing

4)         Logistics

5)         Project budget

6)         Work breakdown structure

7)         Gantt chart

8)         Risk management plan


The report will discuss the application, appropriateness and reference the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Successful completion of this task will require students to demonstrate the following:

          Application of specific PMBOK area to the event

          Interpret collected data to make an informed decision

          Apply technical and theoretical knowledge to develop the plan

          Write a management plan following a recognised structure


The report should include the following:

          A Title Page with your full team names and student numbers, the subject code and title, the name of the lecturer/tutor, and the title of the assessment;

          An Executive Summary which includes the main findings and recommendations of the report;

          A Table of Contents with section numbers, section titles/headings (see below for guidance) and page numbers;

          An Introduction that provides an overview of the theme of the report and its contents;

          The Main Body of the report in sections (please refer to criteria section above)

          A Conclusion, which summarizes the main findings of the report and identifies any implications or recommendations arising from the discussion;

          A Reference List and in-text referencing in APA Referencing Style with a minimum of fourteen (14), i.e. academic journal articles, texts (e.g. the prescribed texts), government sources and relevant media sources (e.g. newspaper articles, trade publications), relevant websites to support your discussions.

          Appendices (action plans, checklists, stakeholder management plan, event marketing poster/pamphlets, Work breakdown structure, Event projected Gantt chart, projected budgets, Logistics checklist, tables/charts, risk management plan etc.)

Successful completion of this task will require students to demonstrate the following:

          Combine the range, nature and process for Initiation & Planning of a chosen event by presenting ideas as a report to persuade sponsors and stakeholders. (SLO-1)

          Evaluate the economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts of events, both beneficial and detrimental. (SLO-2).

          Present an Initiation (design) and planning written report to a diverse audience using a range of project management project management software. (SLO-3)


Criteria used to grade this task:

  1. Articulate the significance of initiation and planning with a scoping document.
  2. Explain the significance of stakeholder management plan.
  3. Explain the work break down structure and Gantt Chart for the project
  4. Design the marketing plan and posters for the event.
  5. Deliver services and visitor experiences in a range of settings and within the allocated resources and budget.
  6. Justify the market sector aspects of events, assessment of risks and uncertainties, development of techniques towards efficiency and effectiveness
  7. Discuss the application, appropriateness and reference of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).
  8. Demonstrate with required appendices to support the implementation stage of the event.
  9. Reference literature using APA reference style requirements.




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