Human Services/Professional Internship



Please google to see different formats for creating a process recording You must conduct a 10minute interview
with an individual. Record your: questions, respondents’ responses, your thoughts/reactions to the interviewee’s
responses, and your overall understanding of the interview.
Summary Assessment/Analysis of the Session:
1. Identify the stage of work with client/client system (i.e., pre-engagement, engagement, assessment,
intervention, evaluation).
2. What did you learn from the session that adds to your understanding of the client?
3. What were the major themes?
4. What were the challenges presented?
5. What was accomplished?
6. What concepts or theories did you apply? And what were the results–what worked and what didn’t give the
socio-cultural context of the client’s presenting problem(s) and underlying issues?
What questions do you now have for your Professor?
Evaluation of Intervention/Next Steps/Plans for the Next Session:





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