Re-Service Learning


Follow the instructions below to complete your assignment:
Describe your feelings regarding your upcoming participation in Academic Service-Learning experience (fear,
excitement, nervous, etc.)
Discuss research findings related to the Academic Service-Learning site and the surrounding community (use at
least 2 sources to complete this section):
What is the site
What is their purpose
Where is it located
Provide facts on the surrounding community
Reflect on how you feel this experience will relate to professional nursing
Use proper APA format with title and reference page including introduction and conclusion.
Use correct grammar and punctuation with no spelling errors.
Your assignment should be 2-4 pages in length The organization I am going to volunteer at is Zaman
International, Hope for Humanity located on 26091 Trowbridge St. Inkster Michigan 48141. It is going to be 12
hours of volunteering in my first semester of my Nursing program.

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