School policy




Choose a potential school crisis or problem. Research approaches and strategies for responding to
such a crisis or problem in a school. For example, search the literature, inquire with schools about
policies that may exist, review local, state, or federal related policy, and/or identify a situation/crisis
reported in the media and use that for as an example of what to do and what not to do. Describe
the important aspects and concerns in such a situation. Finish with a draft of a comprehensive policy
focused on the school social work aspect of an effective response in such a situation that outlines a
step-by-step response at the school and/or individual student level. School problems/crises that
would be appropriate include: student suicide or suicide risk, suspected abuse or neglect, bullying,
school shooting, school refusal/phobia, drug use/dealing, aggressive/violent student behavior, etc.
Outline/Format of Paper:
1. Identify the Problem:
2. Describe the Problem: (Why is it a problem? How does it impact students/schools? How big is
the problem? Provide evidence to support your statements.)
3. Background Information: (What policies and strategies currently exist to address this problem?
What do research and/or experience tell us about what does and does not work in addressing
this problem? Provide evidence to support your statements/conclusions.)
4. Important Aspects/Concerns to Consider: (What potential solutions/policies that must be
considered to address this problem?)
5. Comprehensive Policy: (Step by step description of a response to this problem at the school
and/or individual level. Envision this as a formal policy page within a school/district policy

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