Social program description


Explain a chosen social problem. In your description, include:
Ideological or value parameters.
Origins, causes, and consequences of problem.
The specific groups or population impacted by the problem.
The impacts and their magnitudes.
The historical and judicial contexts of the problem.
Select a group that experiences the chosen social problem. This group can be distinguished by race, religion, socioeconomic status, gender orientation, or other characteristics.
Describe a program or policy designed to address the selected social problem. When selecting a program, choose a small program or internal policy that is manageable, and whose description and mission statement are concise enough to fit on one to two pages.
Include the following components in your description of the program: mission statement or goals, and objectives; eligibility rules; form of benefit; administration; service delivery; and financing.
Analyze interactions between these elements within the program itself.
Compare and contrast this program’s eligibility requirements with those of a similar program.
Explain at least one recommendation to improve the quality of the program you have selected.

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