Special facilities have an associated primary user who must approve the reservation request to finalize the reservation

Softec College employs a person on a part-time basis to act as a facilities coordinator.Anyone wishing to book a campus facility — a classroom, a meeting room, a lounge, the coffeehouse, the chapel, or the gym — for any event must contact the facilities coordinator to reserve the facility. Special facilities have an associated primary user who must approve the reservation request to finalize the reservation; the facilities coordinator then confirms the booking with the requestor.The problems are:?The facilities coordinator is currently keeping track of bookings by hand on paper.While there is some chance of error in this process, the main problem is the workload of keeping the records up-to-date, especially when class schedules are changed or a class moves from one room to another.?The facilities coordinator is not always available when someone wishing to book facility phones or visits the office. This means that several phone calls must be made to complete the reservation request.?The person wishing to book a facility typically does not know which rooms are available at the time they need a room. This means the facilities coordinator has to page through the schedules for each room, looking for a room of appropriatesize which is available at the desired time.We envision reducing the amount of paperwork done and the amount of time spent onkeeping track of bookings and arranging and confirming bookings and increasing theconvenience for those wishing to make bookings by automating the process. Thesystem we envision would include functions such as:?Allowing users wishing to book a facility to browse the schedule, either checkingthe status of various rooms at a specified time or checking the status of aparticular room at various times, in order to decide upon a particular facility toreserve for a particular time.?Allowing users to ask the system to search for a room (or list of rooms) of anappropriate size which is available at a particular time.?Allowing users to submit electronically a reservation request for a particularfacility at a particular time.?Automatically (or semi-automatically) forwarding a reservation request to theappropriate primary user (if any) for confirmation or rejection, allowing theprimary user to interact with the system to confirm or deny the booking, andadvising the requestor of the primary user’s action.Project Objectives?Increase the convenience and efficiency of reserving a facility.?Reduce the workload of the facilities coordinator.?Maintain control of the booking of special facilities by their primary users.Success Criteria?Improved satisfaction on the part of those requesting reservations.?Reduction of the workload of the facilities coordinator.?Satisfaction on the part of primary users regarding both the convenience anddegree of control over facility use provided by the system.RequirementsIn addition to functions itemized in the Problem Statement, the following requirementshave been identified:?The system should have a graphical user interface and should require no trainingof requestors and only minimal training of primary users.?The system should be accessible either through Web access or by running anapplication on the user’s desktop computer from a network drive. For thepurposes of this project, concurrency issues may be ignored.?The system should either send reservation requests to the appropriate primaryusers by e-mail or should store reservation requests as printable files which thefacilities coordinator can print and distribute each day. A primary user shouldthen be able to interact with the system to confirm or deny the request, and thesystem should inform the original requestor of the decision, either by e-mail or bygenerating a file for the facilities coordinator to print and deliver. For purposes ofthis project, authentication issues may be ignored, but some method ofidentification is required so that primary users and the facilities coordinator maybe recognized.?The system should maintain information about each facility, including the size ofthe room; the number of seats; whether it has tables, desks, chairs, or tabletchairs; if it has windows, chalkboards, overhead projector, display projector,screen, VCR, audio equipment, speakers, and/or piano; who the primary user is(if any).?The system should allow the facilities coordinator to designate a primary user fora facility, and should allow either the facilities coordinator or the primary user fora facility to edit the information about the facility.?The facilities coordinator should be able to create or delete any booking, withoutrequiring confirmation from the primary user. (It is assumed that this power willbe used to correct mistakes and to enter block bookings.)?The primary user of a facility may create or delete any bookings for the facility forwhich he/she is primary user; however, if a booking which was requested by anyuser other than the primary user himself/herself is deleted, the original requestormust be advised of the deletion (by the same means as the originalconfirmation).?Any user should be able to delete any booking which was made or requested bythat user, and withdraw any request for a booking which is still pending approvalby the relevant primary user. If a reservation request was sent to or generated fora primary user when the booking was made, then notification of the deletion ofthe booking is sent to the primary user (or, if the file to be printed is still in thenotification directory, it should be deleted).?It should be possible to extend the system (in future) to customize the informationmaintained about each facility. For example, a booking for the coffeehouse,chapel, or lounge may offer the option to order food services.?The system should support the Softec College academic calendar and classschedule. For example, the system should accept a request to book a particularclassroom every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:30 to 11:20 a.m. forthe Winter term, and should know the start date and end date of the term and allholidays during the term and book the classroom for all the days on which theclass would actually be held. The facilities coordinator should be able to specifythe relevant dates in a term.?The system should know the current date, should automatically delete booking records prior to the current date, and should only show booking information (by browsing or by search) for dates from the current date forward.Key Softec employeesChancellor of Softec – George SmithDean of School of Business – Mark WardFacility Manager – Ruby NahaIT and Audio and Visual Manager – John BarnesFacility Coordinator – Simon Surge

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