Staffing Management


Use the same text book as before if necessary. If you can do it without the textbook, that’s fine too. Write one
paragraph for each of the two questions.
1. From the case study (Age Discrimination in a Promotion, end of Ch. 2 under Applications, in the eText), take
a stand on whether or not the employer’s actions were motivated by discriminatory intent. Support your
position with evidence or examples from the case.
Debate both sides of the following argument: Yes and No: “Gus was not promoted to the new CCS position
because of his age.” Support your position with evidence or examples from the case.
2.Suggest two (2) staffing strategies that organizations can utilize to maintain sustainability and minimize the
impact of a significant percentage of the workforce approaching retirement age. Support your rationale with
specific examples of such strategies. Consider the staffing strategies presented back in Ch. 1, Fig. 1-7.
Focus on the Strategic Planning and the Forecasting HR Availabilities sections of Ch. 3. Pay special attention
to the sections on succession planning and developing replacement charts




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