The Genre and Genre Theory




Choose a film from this list of approved choices.
Watch your chosen film twice—once to ensure that you have grasped the storytelling and
once to take more specific notes on aspects of the film you wish to discuss.
Explain genre theory and, using Chapter 3 of the text as a reference, describe the conventions and attributes of
the genre you have selected.
Identify a feature-length film that fits your selected genre and briefly summarize the movie. As you develop this
summary, remember the differences between a film’s story and a film’s plot and be sure to highlight specific
genre elements.
Interpret at least two genre conventions exhibited in your chosen feature-length film that help classify it in the
selected genre. Be sure to provide a specific example of each convention (e.g., a particular scene or plot
Provide an example of a third convention from your chosen feature-length film and explain how this convention
expands the boundaries of the specified genre.

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