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Section 1 – Assessment Task Overview and Description
This is an individual open book assignment which can be completed after you have finished up to and including Module 6 in Canvas.
Download the assignment document from Canvas and answer all questions. Save in Microsoft Word format and upload your assignment via Canvas.
If you have any questions about this assessment please ask your teacher prior to submission.
Complete parts 3 – 6 as per instructions given.
Before submitting please check that:
• You have completed the Student Declaration
• You have completed all parts of all of the questions
Assessment task
This assessment task follows on from Assessment task 1 where you have been employed as a bookkeeper for Little Pear Juice Co.
Using the Policy and Procedure Manual and your own research, you are required to answer each of the following questions to demonstrate your knowledge and application of the concepts covered in chapters 3 – 5 of the text book.
Please ensure that your responses are relevant to the provision of Bookkeeping services.
In researching your responses, do not limit yourself to the materials in the text book and Canvas. Rather – as is required in industry – please carry out your own research to ensure you have the most relevant and up-to-date information.
Be sure to provide references for any materials or information you have included from the internet (see Swinburne’s policy on plagiarism at:
Part 3 – Set up and maintain systems to meet compliance regulations
You have been asked by Sandy Pears to research a computerised accounting system to incorporate into the business. She has explained that she would like the system to be able to do the following:
• Produce timely reports
• Process Payroll
• Manage inventory
• Be compliant with all legislative and statutory laws
• Be accessed by multiple users
Complete the following:
3.1. What is the program you would recommend and how will it improve business operations?
Program Areas of improvement
3.2 As the new system will be used to process the payroll, you are required to develop a policy and procedures document to be added to the company policy and procedures manual for the collection of employee details for processing pays. Ensure that it meets compliance requirements and that you include a minimum of 4 steps in the procedures. It must also include information on how long the business is required to keep payroll records for as per the ATO’s requirements.
Refer to the example on page 101 of the text.
Little Pear Juice Company
Employee information collection Policy and Procedure (Dated July 2020)
3.3 When and how often should the new “Employee information collection Policy and Procedure” document be reviewed? Write a paragraph to explain why the review process is important?
Part 4 – Work autonomously or in a team to complete work activities
4.1 The proposal for implementing a computerised accounting system has been approved. As part of this process, it has been identified that the company will need to make some updates to the current policy and procedures manual. You have been selected to work in a team with the following staff to update the current policy and procedures document to reflect the implementation of the new system into the company:
• Nicola Johnson – HR Manager
• Michael Judd – data input
• Sahir Roh – IT department
• Martin Ferdinands – Office Manager
As the team leader, determine at least one task for each team member – an example has been provided for you:
You (Team leader) Task:
Schedule weekly meetings. Produce timeline and budget for the project
4.2 You will need to have the new policies and procedures document ready for when the transition to the computerised accounting system occurs. To help you manage your time and priorities to meet this deadline, you have decided to use technology to help you. Name at least one example of an app. or other technology you could you use to manage your time and tasks? Explain in one or two sentences how it would help.
4.3 You understand the importance of giving valid and effective feedback to your team. How would you provide feedback to encourage, value and reward individual and team efforts? Your answer should be approx. 150-200 words.
4.4 A problem has arisen within the team where Nicola has not been sending Michael the drafts for each policy for reviewing in a timely manner. Please complete the table below to identify and resolve this problem. Note: there is a good example of this on page 145 of text book.
Step 1 – identify the problem
Step 2 – gather information
Step 3 – generate solutions
Step 4 – select the strategy
Step 5 – implement the strategy
Step 6 – Evaluate the strategy
Part 5 – Develop and maintain own competency
5.1 Complete the Professional Development Plan provided for you (Little Pear Juice Co PDP document attached). Please ensure that your answers reflect your position as the bookkeeper.
How often should your Professional Development Plan be reviewed?
5.2 The following statement can be found on the Tax Practitioners Board website under the “BAS Agents” tab: “If anyone provides BAS services for a fee or other reward, they must be registered with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).” What is a BAS Service?
5.3 What are the 5 “requirements for registration” listed on the TPB website that you will need to meet to become a registered individual BAS Agent?
5.4 To maintain your BAS Agents registration you are required to complete a minimum of 45 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) within a standard three year registration period, with a minimum of five hours each year. Identify a need for professional development in your work role as the bookkeeper. Use the internet to find an activity that would help you with this and satisfy BAS CPE hours. You can find more information of appropriate CPE activities here. An example has been given for you.
To update my knowledge of MYOB’s new tools and features MYOB Showcase
Thursday 9 July 2020 – Online webinar
This is a free online event for Accountants and Bookkeepers explaining MYOB’s latest product developments.
Section 2 – Assessment Task Submission Information
Submission Details Due date: As per Unit Outline
1. The assessment task must be submitted via Canvas with an assessment cover sheet.
2. Ensure to include on the front page or in the header or footer of your assessment:
? your name
? student ID
? your teacher’s name
? the unit code/s and title/s
? the assessment task title
3. Submissions received after the submission date must be approved by your teacher.
Summary of Evidence to be Submitted
? Written answers to all questions in parts 3, 4 and 5.
The task will be assessed as satisfactory when all of the required evidence listed has been satisfactorily demonstrated.
* If applicable, for graded units, the task must be satisfactorily completed before marks will be allocated. Refer to your unit outline for more information.
Section 3 – Assessment Task Criteria and Outcome
All items/criteria must be demonstrated satisfactorily to achieve this task. The items/criteria for this activity will be assessed as S – Satisfactory or US – Unsatisfactory.
1. Set up and maintain systems to meet compliance requirements
2. Work autonomously or in a team to complete work activities
3. Develop and maintain own competency
Section 4 – General Assessment Information
Decision Making Rules Each activity in the assessment task must be satisfactorily completed for the task to be assessed as satisfactory.
Every task must be satisfactorily completed to be assessed as competent in the unit.
* For graded units, competence must be demonstrated before a mark can be given.
Plagiarism There are serious penalties for plagiarism that may include repeating a new assessment task or being withdrawn for the unit / course.
Students must ensure that all assessments are their own work (or group work and clearly noted as such).
Please refer to
Reasonable Adjustment Students may request reasonable adjustment for assessment tasks.
Reasonable adjustment usually involves varying:
? the processes for conducting the assessment (eg: allowing additional time, varying the venue)
? the evidence gathering techniques (eg: oral rather than written questioning, use of a scribe, modifications to equipment)
However, the evidence collected must allow the student to demonstrate all requirements of the unit.
If you have any other issue that may impact your ability to undertake the assessment, please discuss with your teacher.
(where tasks are not satisfactorily completed) Assessment tasks that are not satisfactory can be resubmitted up until the end of the unit as scheduled on the Unit Outline. The timing on this may depend on the equipment required for this assessment task.
Resubmissions received after the scheduled unit end date may not be accepted unless approved by the teacher prior to the end date.
Note: Assessment tasks submitted for the first time after the unit end date as scheduled in the Unit Outline will not be assessed and the student should re-enrol into the unit.
Special consideration Students may apply for Special Consideration where personal circumstances have adversely affected their task result or ability to undertake an assessment. A Special Consideration form can be completed prior to, but no later than 3 days after, the date of assessment and submitted to the relevant Manager.
Work Health & Safety Activities may require the use of equipment or participation in group exercises. If the teacher identifies any unsafe activity or potentially dangerous situations, the teacher can stop the assessment at any time.

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