Honeybee dance language



In this week’s module, you will learn about the honeybee dance language and how it is unique in the animal kingdom in terms of being a symbolic language and having the quality of arbitrariness. After viewing the videos and completing the readings from this week’s module, answer the following questions below:

First, describe the controversy about the honeybee dance language. Why did some scientists such as Wenner and Wells disagree with Karl von Frisch’s findings about the dance language? Further, how did Gould’s experiment address this controversy? You might want to review the https://sjsu.instructure.com/courses/1375433/files/59217914/download?wrap=1 article to answer this question.

Second, describe what the feature of arbitrariness means in the context of human language. Why is the honeybee language claimed to have the quality of arbitrariness? Then, explain your own thoughts about the dance language of honeybees. What was most fascinating to you about this communication system? Do you think it can be considered a “language”? why or why not?

After that, reply to one post of my classmate about do you agree or not agree?






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