Plato’s allegory






Which stage of Plato’s allegory of the cave do you think best corresponds to most people in modern society? Why? (There isn’t one right answer, but back up your view with specific details from the allegory and from how people pursue and approach belief today.)
Summarize Paine’s argument against belief in revelation as passed on within a religion. Then, describe how Cooper might respond to this argument given her definition and account of religious faith. Give and explain a direct quote from each reading, putting quotes in quotation marks and using the in-text citations (Paine, 1794/2020, p. __) and (Cooper, 1892/2020, p. ___).
According to Deloria, what characterizes traditional Native American views of knowledge, and how are these views challenged today? As part of your answer, include a direct quote from the reading, putting it in quotation marks, and using the in-text citation (Deloria, 1999, p. __). Also, sketch your own creative proposal for how people might recover and employ traditional Native American views of knowledge in some way today.

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