Book ; The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida




Prepare for and lead the class in analyzing one of the assigned class novels. As a team, during class, the Book
Club leaders will lead the hour-long class discussion of the assigned novel. The discussion leaders will be
expected to excite class response to (not offer a lecture about) the assigned book and to touch on the full
range of the literary structures (e.g., plot design, theme), issues (e.g., cultural representation), and elements
(e.g., symbols, PoV) applicable for that narrative. Discussion leader teams are welcomed to design activities,
as well as reflective discussion, that a reader’s response to the story; however, those activities should be
coordinated with the team of leaders for that novel and need to be approved by the instructor in advance.
Specifically, the following is required:
Individually, each leader will submit a complete, detailed set of double-entry reading notes, and
at least ten (10) prepared discussion questions designed to stimulate discussion. Be sure to include questions
that draw on the literary elements we are studying in class, e.g., PoV, plot trajectory, etc., and4
Each of the discussion leaders will actively participate in running the class discussion.
Both double-entry reading notes and discussion questions are due on or before the day the novel is discussed
in class. Both double entry reading notes and discussion questions should be completed as an online Google
file in your CSUMB account and the link provided via the assignment description on Canvas.
Discussion Questions
The ten (10) discussion questions should be posed so that they encourage the participants to contribute their
reaction, that is, stimulate discussion. At least some of the questions should draw on what you have learned
about literary devices and structural elements of stories.
Be sure to pose questions that lead the group back to the text, not away from it. For example, “Where did you
most notice mirrors appearing as a motif in Zenobia July?” instead of “How would you use Zenobia July to
teach motif in your own classroom?”

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