Comparing And Contrasting Documentation

Given the material covered in Module 3 (Hardware) and Module 4 (Software), your personal experience, and our good friend reliable sources, provide a well-formatted MS Word document (with citations) that provides a framework for comparing two different computing solutions for both hardware and software issues. [Hint: Such a document would most likely include an introduction paragraph, a table comparing individual characteristics, and a conclusion paragraph.]

For example, you might want to compare an iPhone X with an iPhone 7, or an iPhone X with a Galaxy 7, or a PS4 with an XBox, or an Apple Air with a Razer Blade Stealth.

Considerations might include:

# of (or importance of) exclusive software products available for that system
backwards compatibility for “old” materials from previous systems
cost of the system
compatibility of the system with supporting services (such as the cell phone network, gaming community, or preferred app store)
availability of support for the system
disk space
type of external media supported
Graphics Card capabilities
Processor speed
Peripherals support
…Or any other considerations you consider important. A minimum of 2 hardware and 2 software factors must be included.

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