Conflict between – Fighting to stop the illness, Getting in the way

Respond to each of these four discussion prompts based on pages 80-127 of’And the Band Played On’
Format: Use the ICE (Links to an external site.) paragraph as a model and provide your: Introduce your idea Cite the book to back it up Explain the importance of this idea
Developing discussions based on these focal points:

Think of it as a conflict between those fighting to stop the illness and those getting in the way:Denial: Getting in the way: Explain why were people denying it was happening?Write about one example.

Gay people had denying happening to them;
People in the medical community downplaying the seriousness and the fact that it was spreading out of the gay community and infecting Haitians, Hemophiliacs, Heroin Addicts and babies
Fighting the illness: Doctors who “get it” seeing the terror that lies ahead an no one paying attention to them:Write about one example.

What insights did these doctors have that pointed to the scope of this deadly disease?

Fighting the illness: Members of the gay community who saw what was coming. Write about one example.

People like Larry Kramer and Cleve Jones were trying to get the message out and so many did not … Read the rest

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