Interview two married couples – Reflection paper

For the paper, you have the opportunity to choose the topic that most interests you: infant attachment, identity development, or marriage). You can choose based on when they are due or which topic interests you the most.

The paper is worth 100 points and the papers should be roughly 3-5 pages double spaced. It is IMPORTANT that you cite the textbook in your papers using APA format and if you use a quote please also include a page number from the textbook.

Marriage Application Paper DUE week 4

For this reflection paper you need to interview two married couples: a newlywed (married less than 2 years) and an experienced couple (married more than 20 years). When you have selected the couple, ask the following questions (make sure both spouses are present for the interview)—feel free to do it on the phone on speaker. It will be fun to hear if the spouses answer the questions similarly or different.

Did you live together first? Why or Why not?

How is married life different than you imagined? How is it similar?

What are the biggest arguments you have?

How has having children changed your marriage?

How do you manage household tasks? Who … Read the rest

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