Is hypothalamus is involved in the regulation of the core body temperature?

Environmental Stresses Assignment Overview and Deliverables


1.Wearing a hat or other head covering doesn’t really help in a cold environment to prevent heat loss. ☐ A. True ☐ B. False

2.Frostbite simply means your skin is very cold. ☐ A. True ☐ B. False

3.Dehydration may lead to kidney stones. ☐ A. True ☐ B. False

4.Dehydration symptoms include which of the following? ☐ A. Headache ☐ B. Dizziness ☐ C. Fatigue ☐ D. All the above

5.FAA has gathered the research and concluded with reasonable medical certainty that cabin air circulation spreads certain diseases. ☐ A. True ☐ B. False

6.The hypothalamus is involved in the regulation of the core body temperature: ☐ A. True ☐ B. False

7.Heat tolerance is effect by which of the following? ☐ A. Age ☐ B. Obesity ☐ C. A & B ☐ D. None of the above

8.If you notice your co-pilot has short-term memory problems, is making to many errors, and he has difficulty toggling switches and turning knobs, and he is overreacting this may be symptoms of: ☐ A. Heat cramps ☐ B. Heat stress ☐ C. Simple fatigue ☐ D. None of the above

9.It is unusually hot in the cockpit and you notice muscle cramping of the extremities, abdomen and back. You notice you also have a slight fever and feel thirsty. These symptoms may suggest: ☐ A. Heat stress ☐ B. Heat cramps ☐ C. Heat exhaustion ☐ D. None of the above

10.You are on layover in a hot climate and while walking to your motel you experience a headache, become confused, dizzy, feel weak, have trouble walking and have trouble separating your keys. You also feel like you are about to pass-out. These symptoms suggest: ☐ A. Heat stress ☐ B. Heat exhaustion ☐ C. Heat stroke ☐ None of the above

11.When rehydrating the body after heat exhaustion it is best to sip water rather than chug it to avoid vomiting: ☐ A. True ☐ B. False

12.When trying to stay hydrated drinking caffeine, tea and even alcoholic beverages are okay. ☐ A. True ☐ B. False

13.Research suggests if you want in increase fluid absorption you can increase your intake of sugary and carbonated fluids. ☐ A. True ☐ B. False

14.Water absorption can be increased by consuming salt. ☐ A. True ☐ B. False

15.Hypothermia refers to excessive heat. ☐ A. True ☐ B. False

16.Hypothermia may lead to with of the following? ☐ A. Distractions and muscle stiffness ☐ B. Fatigue and drowsiness ☐ C. Sweating ☐ D. Both A&B

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