Organizational use of information systems – Ethical issues

1) What are the main changes taking place in organizational use of information systems? Which of these do you think is having the greatest impact on businesses?

2) What is the connection between organizations, information systems, and business processes?

3) You are consulting with the owner of Better Fitness, a national chain of gyms. What strategies might Better Fitness use in applying information services to achieve a competitive advantage?

4) Describe three technology trends that pose ethical issues, giving an example for each of its ethical or moral impact.

5) Distinguish between cloud computing, green computing, and quantum computing.

6) What makes data mining an important business tool? What types of information does data mining produce? In what type of circumstance would you advise a company to use data mining?

7) Blogs, wikis, and social networking sites were designed for individuals to communicate with each other. What uses do businesses have for these tools? Give specific examples.

8) How is the security of a firm’s information system and data affected by its people, organization, and technology? Is the contribution of one of these dimensions any more important than the other? Why?

9) Identify and describe three major enterprise applications.

10) … Read the rest

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