Recycle Technology software – Not-for-profit organization

Paper instructions:
You and your friends have decided to start Recycle Technology,a not-for-profit organization that would recycle and donate used computer equipment.

In the first planning session, your group recognizes the need for certain software to help you with various parts of the business, such as tracking inventory,designing notices, mapping addresses for pickup and delivery,and soliciting residents by phone or e-mail about recycling events, to name a few.

Identify the various kinds of software that Recycle Technology needs. Consider software that will be needed for all the various tasks required to run the organization, such as communication, marketing,tracking, inventory management, and finance.

Create a detailed and organized list of required software applications and specify either proprietary software or open source software.P.s. Your answers do not need to be extremely detailed. The professor is only asking for a one page double spaced paper so keep your answers simple if you want.

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