World on fire



After reading the chapters (1,2,8) from Rebecca Henderson’s new book, “Reimagining Capitalism in a World
on Fire” (2020), respond to the following questions:
Which of the three great problems of our “world on fire” are you most concerned about and why? (Chapter 1)
Of the five key reforms, Henderson suggests for reimagining capitalism, which do you think are most important.
Can you provide an example of hopeful signs that reform may actually be happening? (Chapter 2)
Assuming you accept her call to action for finding “Finding Your Own Path Toward Changing the World,” reflect
on 2 or 3 of the six steps and what you can do further your own personal path and describe those action steps.
(Chapter 8)
If you don’t really find Henderson’s analysis persuasive, provide a brief critical assessment in terms of why her
narrative is not persuasive to you. You can assess her identification of issues of our world on fire, the five
needed reforms, and the need for personal action in your response






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