Art- Carrie Mae Weems

Watch the videos on artist Carrie Mae Weems

Answer the questions on both videos:



Name of the artist
Biographical information
Describe their artwork
Media/medium (the materials the artist uses to make their art)
Meaning of the work/ ideas the artist explores in their work and influences on their work( like childhood experiences)
What is the artist’s process? (what are the steps in making the work from idea to finished piece- do they sketch the idea then create the artwork, do they have assistants)
A body of work is a group of artworks that explore the same theme/concept/idea and/or a group of works that are made out of the same medium/media. Did you see a body of work in the video? Did you see several bodies of work? Describe the body (bodies) of work.
What was something that stood out for you about this artist?
Did you find something you disliked or disagreed with?
Any other facts or thoughts from the video

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