BX2061 Business Negotiations Assessment 3 JCU


The aim of this assessment is to reflect on your journey through this subject, considering the subject material, case studies, group discussions and assessment activities, and to make judgements that are clearly connected to the overall subject theory. The structure and development of the essay is outlined below. Submissions should be between 1,400 – 1,600 words.

BX2061 Business Negotiations
BX2061 Business Negotiations


1. Regularly reflect on your learning experiences in this subject at the end of each day in a Reflective Journal, using a table style format (which can be included as an Appendix);

2. Reflect on the group negotiation exercise, making some brief notes on your experience. Ask questions such as:

  • How well did we execute our strategy?
  • What did we do exceptionally well?
  • What did we do that really did not work?
  • What would we change for next time?
  • Did the real-life negotiation scenario assist in demonstrating the value of research?

The answers to these questions are to be used as a basis for reflecting on the assessment. These will provide valuable insight into different strategies, research and roles taken by different groups.

3. Structure your reflective essay to orient the reader to the central themes/issue/topic and integrate various sources of contemporary thought from a wide variety of scholarly/academic journals. You may decide to focus on 3-4 of the key negotiation topics that you found to be most instructive/beneficial for your future career.

4. Construct an in-depth discussion and critical analysis on your learning experience, based on the learnings recorded in your reflective journal into a structured reflective essay:

a. For example, if you feel very strongly about one of the topics this semester, you can reflect on why you may have these feelings, and what they may mean for your future career.

b. Use, and correctly cite, a range of scholarly literature as evidence in support of your critical analysis.

Useful Information:

Additional resources about Reflective Writing:


You are required to submit your reflection to via the Reflection Drop Box under assessment on Learn JCU, by 17:00 on 20/7/20.

Return of assessment: As this assessment is in lieu of an examination, the results will be available on the day of publication of your final subject results, not earlier.


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