(case study analysis that should incorporate critical thinki

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(case study analysis that should incorporate critical thinking and ethics):Read the following (attached below):Collaboration In DepthData Security In A Real-Time WorldInternal Access ControlsDescribe a defense in depth strategy from an Information Systems Manager perspective; for a medium size organization with 3 campuses. There is one main campus and two satellite campuses. Campuses need communications amongst all campuses and remote workers need access to company data and email.Explain the following in your defense in depth strategy with the following concepts:ConfidentialityIntegrityAvailabilityInformation SecurityRisk managementVulnerability managementWriting RequirementsThe Essay must be 4 pages long. Double SpaceMust have an introduction with a clear thesis statement, a body discussing the three main points, an ethics section discussing the documents ethical ramifications, and a conclusionConduct research to find relevant information using reliable sources to support your views.Use at least 2 academic books and 3 scholarly articles from a library databaseUse APA Style for in-text citations, and references.

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