Example is attached. Develop the concept for a nutrition edu

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Example is attached. Develop the concept for a nutrition education program that you feel is needed in your community (do not use a program already developed). Use knowledge from this class in its entirety to develop a program proposal from beginning to end. This includes but is not limited to a needs assessment, mission statement, program goals/objectives, implementation plan and evaluation plan. You do not need to provide specific nutrition recommendations/information in your proposal, just the idea for a program. Read Chapter 12 of the Nnakwe text thoroughly prior to beginning this assignment. This assignment should be 8 pages and include a minimum of 5 references. References may be cited in AMA or APA style. Include heading of all sections. See sample program attached as PDF. Please refrain from developing nutrition programs that are implemented during the school day. Review rubric for all grading content. Needs Assessment (~1-2 pages; include citations) Identify issue of concern Analyze current data/statistics Establish need for the program Brief Description of the Program (~1-2 pages) Targeted population Location/Frequency Vision of the program Program Mission Statement (~1 paragraph) Three Measurable Program Goals & Objectives (~1 page; okay to bullet point) Include one objective for each goal Goals are general statements about what the program wants to accomplish (or preparation for the program) Objectives are specific and measurable actions to accomplish the goal Implementation Plan (~1-2 pages) Plan how each objective will be accomplished Program Evaluation (~1-2 pages) Plan how each objective will be evaluated to assess achievement References (minimum of five in AMA or APA format)

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