What are the advantages of a “small” state and local government? What about the national government? What are
the disadvantages of each? Does our federal system give us the best of both worlds or the worst of both
– Respond to the questions in no less than 300 words
One of the advantages of small local and state governments is that it is more personal, if you have an issue
with something where you reside it is easier to voice that issue in public town meetings and hearings and such
things like that and most likely get your issue resolves. I think some other advantages are that you can get to
know who is elected in your local office and grow relationships with your local congress while with big state
governments you’re just seen as another person in a state like Texas which has a population of 29 million. In big
state government, you just seen as another number while with the small-government I feel there is more of a
personal relationship and understanding of the general public. I think some disadvantages can be if you don’t
like your elected state governor that can be quite difficult to live with especially in a small state. An example can
be if you do not like the way your local state governor maintains your local school district and you have children
that can be a difficult situation. I think some advantages of having a small national government would have to
be the same thing again it can be a close-knit nation and it can be very easy to have your voice heard if it is a
smaller amount of people in your nation. I think some other advantages can be with the national government you
can declare war if your a smaller nation it can be almost unlikely you started a war. I think some
disadvantages can be is as the perspective from other nations you can look somewhat weak if you are a
smaller nation, but that all depends on leadership and who is taking charge of the nation.




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