Persuasive Speech.

Just as there is a “formula” or action plan to develop a thesis statement, so too, can you follow a “plan of attack” when brainstorming and developing the main points you want to make in your speech. Ultimately, these main points are featured in the body (or discussion section) of the speech. This is also where you will want to incorporate personal perspective (stories or examples from your life) as well as that all important research.

But let’s first take a peak at the formula you can use to develop your main points: It’s call the Journalists 6 Questions. You might have heard of them. They are the questions most journalists or news reporters ask during an interview to help them generate a news story.

They are– Who? What? Why? When? Where? (and sometimes) How?

For a 6 to 8-minute Persuasive Speech that focuses on urging your audience to do something or change their minds about something, you might want to use these three particular prompts to develop your main points: What? Why? and How?
Going back to planning a speech on self-confidence, with the Thesis developed as:

“I believe self-confidence will improve your ability to succeed in a college speech class,”

the formula that could be used to develop the main points may look like–
1. What do I mean by self-confidence?

2. Why do we need self-confidence? and
3. How can we develop self-confidence?

And so, within the body of this speech, you would be looking to develop and support those main points using your own personal perspectives and credible research. For now, here’s an example of the basic organizational plan you want to follow for your speech (using the value you chose to talk about).

Developing Main Points.jpg

And here is what the thesis and main points would look like within the framework of an outline.

So, once you have developed your 3 main points (which may look a lot like the example above). you’ll begin to see the body of your speech take shape. You will have the start of an intriguing outline. Be aware that most likely you’ll be “fine-tuning” and adjusting the thesis and main points as you move through the entire speech development process, but at this point, you at least want to have a basis from which to work.

*Right now, your assignment is tocreate just your main points and post them along with your thesis to the discussion board. Talk to your classmates about your progress thus far and comment on how well your classmates are progressing*

In our next unit, we’ll begin to develop details within the body of the speech.

Remember: You want to keep moving forward. Keep progressing. Get assistance from your classmates and provide feedback for them. That’s what a community of learners needs to do.

➡️*****Here’s a copy of what I’ve wrote so far. Can you help come up with Three Main points from this? You can reword it. If you wan.

➡️My topic is “Never Give Up”!

Never Give up

It has been said that life can never be carried out and truly lived to its fullest unless there has been some sort of suffering and pain. Mistakes are to be learned from, and a hard past can only result in a stronger present.

Life is life and no matter what, giving up on lifelong dreams and aspirations because of a few bumps in the road should never be an option.

Giving up will only leave you with a lot of regrets, unanswered questions and what if’s.

In order to find success in the world you must first find it in yourself.

If you’re struggling with finding life balance or you’ve been feeling like a failure, you’re not alone

Strategies for coping

Actions you can take

Reach out to friends and family and tell them that you’re struggling. It’s not easy to do this at times, especially when you’re feeling depressed. But your loved ones care about you and want to see you well. Let them know you need help. It’s ok to need help. No one’s perfect. It’s ok to need help.

Therapists can be a lifeline for people that are feeling like a failure.

People don’t often think of social media platforms as a means for giving or receiving emotional support, but they can actually be quite effective. They give you the freedom to tweet, share, email, and post to your heart’s content. It allows you to express yourself, if your not comfortable doing so any other way.

Another technique that Some people find affirms their self worth (including myself) is reading inspirational quotes. By reading theses quotes they help recently your focus and make you feel better.

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