SS5103 Post-Graduate Research Methods for the Social Sciences

Task 1 Annotated Bibliography

Task 1 Annotated Bibliography

Assignment Content

  1. Annotated Bibliography Students will search for, collect and read 12 articles/book chapters relevant to your own research topic (These 12 *publications will be in addition to any supplied resources in SS5103). The annotated bibliography will consist of 12 entries, each with a correct reference for the article (APA), and a clear, concise, original summary of each article (approx. one page, ie 12 pages) – Must include a clear explanation of its usefulness to your own proposed research project (why/how is it relevant to chosen topic). Publications in the collection will be across a time range up to the present. You must include a majority of articles and books/book chapters that report on research findings in your proposed topic area. Include one/two articles that help inform your design/methodology/method for research on your chosen topic. Target literature in your discipline but broader literature also useful.*Websites – for example Government Depts – often can provide links to useful academic publications but websites themselves are not publications.


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